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Three Words That Have Become Easy to Say and Why It Matters

Dear Anne Claire,

There’s a random teenager quote floating around on teh Internetz, and it goes a little something like this: “They say hate is a strong word. But so is love. And they throw it around like it’s nothing.”

While normally I hold a bit of disdain for these quotes that have such bland and unexciting and trite meanings behind them, but this one has a bit of truth in it to me. I think we as a people have gotten used to talking in this blind hyperbole that elevates the things that we, in actuality, only like and banishes the things that we really don’t think are that bad to the ninth ring of hell (how are you enjoying your Inferno study time? :) ). I hear people unironically describe things as “hilarious” whenever they hardly crack a smile at them on a daily basis. Why do things have to be either the next best thing or total crap? What’s wrong with having some distinctions? A few shades of gray have never hurt anyone.

But more relevantly, people are growing to where it’s almost to easy to say those three almost Shakespearean words to each other: “I love you.” But why? It’s not that we have grown more trusting of each other and so can surrender our feelings more easily to people. There are plenty of crazy paranoid fellas roaming the land. We haven’t grown more apathetic, either. It’s almost expected for everyone to have a reasonably large circle of friends and everyone has at least one major cause that they champion. So what gives?

My opinion is that our gross misinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet reveals to us where we have gone wrong. The romance was meant to be tragic. Giving yourself away to someone you have first met, while oddly appealing sometimes, can never lead to anything good. The Capulets and the Montagues probably would have set aside their feud if they saw how much Juliet and Romeo really wanted to be with each other. But either way, they lacked the ability to communicate. Love is not meant to be silent and tragic. Love is about communicating and bonding with someone, and if you truly trust them, giving yourself up to them! Romance is built upon communication and common ground and growing. Love is an inherently social feeling. It cannot exist in a vacuum without others and their feelings. We’re tempted to make it about ourselves. It’s always how much I love someone. Our empathy fails us a bit here. But, as the great Moulin Rouge tells us, there really isn’t anything greater than having that love be requited. Let’s learn to let love go between to people instead of focusing on the half that’s easiest for us to be aware of.

With Most Sincere and Honest Love,

I guess I’m okay with this.

To Colin,

Love week, huh? Okay.

I would first like to mention that I’m only playing along with that because I have so many other things I need to be doing, such as packing, working on essays, reviewing for finals, packing, packing, taking some medicine for my headache, and working on essays. I don’t think I repeated myself.

Questions about this: What are the guidelines of having themed weeks? Why am I constantly out of drinks at my apartment? Why is it that you decide to do this the week before finals? Good grief.

Firstly, I made a blog post talking about 50 things I’m thankful to have in my life, which means that I love them right? Well, for me that happens to be true, but I know that isn’t always the case. I’m guessing the vagueness of your declaration of themes and love and few and far between blog posts was supposed to make me feel inspired to write more. WRONG!

I’m just kidding, though. Love is such a broad subject, but I feel like I can cover it completely with a conversation I had yesterday with a stranger in my building.

Stranger: “Hey. How are ya?”

Me: “I’m great. How are you?”

Stranger: “I woke up today, so I can’t complain.”

Me: “That’s awesome! Have a nice day!”

That sums it up, right? No?


Love Week!

Dear Anne Claire,

In our illustrious few months of existence (many of which I have been depressingly absent from) we have yet to use our power to call themes for weeks of posting. Well, I seek to remedy that right now by declaring Oh.YouKnow.ThosePeople’s very first theme week of love! Cheesy I know considering the nature of our blog, but it’s something that I feel like is SO important to our lives, yet we hardly talk about it except to have either vacuous conversations about how great it is or bitter ones about how much it can suck. It’s time for us to actually sit down and think hard about love and discuss love and maybe even sing songs about love to come to a deeper understanding about this nebulous concept.

With Much Love,

These thoughts did not warrant a blog post.

I feel like I’m always waiting for something to happen, some sort of kick starter. Not the one where people give money, though I most definitely wouldn’t mind being given some moola for a project that I haven’t made up yet. (I’ll get back to you on that.) 

I’m tired of waiting. I guess I should just start going with my gut. I’m ready to be spontaneous. Yeah, you can still be spontaneous while planning out when said spontaneity will occur. 


Dr. StrangeColin, Or, How I Learned to Stop Trying to be Certain and Love the Mystery

Less than one month ago I lost one of my best friends in a tragic car accident. Anne Claire has already posted an amazing post on this on her magnificent personal blog, but I thought it would be kind of therapeutic for me to talk a little about how this has changed my worldview.

Honestly, it’s kind of been like a Wes Anderson movie (which is fine by me). Just because it’s been a sad setting doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been those jokes and little incongruities that keep us smiling and laughing to keep me from just losing it. In fact, maybe it’s those really sad times that make things seem so funny. I guess sometimes a joke is more than a joke, especially when we need to hear it. There’s enough idiocy in the world for anyone to get his/her fair share of laughs, but human wit? Now, that’s something different. 

I’ve also been thinking a lot about maturity and how most of it is bogus anyway. What most people recognize as maturity really seems to be when someone is trying to control his/her life, which is great, but life is far from able to be controlled. Even if there is a god out there, the universe does seem to be pretty random for the most part. There are definitely limits to the things we can control in our lives. And honestly, why would you want to? Uncertainty gives life that sweet, romantic bubbly flavor like a cranberry Sprite on a warm spring evening. Why try to be certain if you’ll just be bent out of shape when life proves you wrong?

Thank you, Anne Claire, for everything that you do. I know I don’t post on here as much as I should, which is kind of sad since it was my idea, but here I am posting away. You have that irresistible way of getting me to do things that I actually should be doing. Thank you for that. :) 

50 things.

Hey! It’s Anne Claire. Okay, I must say it. I’ve been feeling a little… annoyed and unhappy lately. I don’t really know why. I guess I can only attribute it to how I feel about being in school and taking the classes that I’m having to take. So in order to lift my spirits I’m going to make a list of 50 things that make me happy and that I’m thankful to have in my life. I’m excluding family and friends from this list, because come on.

  1. Water
  2. That feeling you get when you know that you’re doing something bigger than yourself.
  3. Fresh fruit.
  4. Book sales
  5. Good music
  6. Going to a concert
  7. Trips taken on a whim
  8. Waffle House
  9. Charming Southern accents
  10. Mix CDs
  11. Hearing a great song for the first time
  12. Meeting new people
  13. Helping others
  14. My inability to keep my room clean. Ever.
  15. e.e. cummings
  16. Going to bed after a long day
  17. Sunshine
  18. Finishing a book
  19. Naps
  20. Feeling great after walking up six flights of stairs
  21. Waking up well rested
  22. Realizing that school isn’t everything
  23. Being a white elephant
  24. Dalmatians
  25. YouTube
  26. Tumblr
  27. Hot tea
  28. My sonic screwdriver
  30. Planners
  31. Chaos
  32. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts
  33. Playing
  34. People who are creative
  35. People who aren’t
  36. People who understand math and chemistry
  37. People
  38. Delta Zeta
  39. Picnics
  40. Seeing the word “Home” on my calendar.
  41. Lists
  42. Seeing the LARPers enjoying the sunshine beside the guys throwing a football
  43. Seeing people smile when I give them something that they like
  44. Finishing a story or poem
  45. Having fun
  46. Not being stressed
  47. Clocks
  48. Technology
  49. Spell Check
  50. The fact that I can write this and know that not many people will read it, but that somehow doesn’t keep me from writing it. How sometimes we have to do something for ourselves because there are very few things that matter in this world. To me, those are: people, happiness, love, God, and fun. 

Of course, these aren’t all of the things that I’m thankful for. My list could go on and on and on!

So, what are you thankful for?





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We said we wouldn’t reblog things, but COME ON!

We said we wouldn’t reblog things, but COME ON!

Much Ado About Lame Duck Blog Posts.

Oh hey there, strangers! 

Oh wow, this conversation would already be awkward enough if I could hear whatever you just said to that (or probably didn’t say). 

As Anne Claire has SO LOVINGLY pointed out, I have been, as I would call it anyway, busy. I’m in a school production of Much Ado About Nothing, and as any thespian/student can tell you, this does eat your life up. And Anne Claire has been in the exact same situation before and she still had a life, but let’s face it: she’s just more awesome than me. I’m comfortable enough in my awesomeness to admit that my awesomeness is inferior to hers. :D

Anyway, I was able to sneak in this blog post, and hopefully I can keep slipping random posts into your regularly scheduled Anne Claire time. I do really enjoy this, but I also enjoy the thought of graduating high school and being a star on the stage, because I’m not narcissistic at all!


Side note: Colin does not know that I’m adding this, but I would just like to add, going against the popular connotation this post created, that Monday was the very first practice of Much Ado About Nothing, and therefore, Colin should NOT use this as a valid excuse. 


Okay, let’s be honest.

Colin doesn’t really post on here anymore. I’ve tried, I tell you. I’VE TRIED! But he’s “busy” apparently. But I’m not!

Actually, that’s not true. I’m very busy, but because I’m me and I do not have the ability to stay on task, I write anyway. So, you’ve read how I hate French, and now you’ve read about how I’m busy. And although the two are perpendicular and the point in which they intersect completely consumes my life right now, I find something comforting in this blog. There aren’t many of you followers, but you follow nonetheless. And I thank you ALL for that! 

So, basically, I just needed to say stuff. I have no reason at all to say it. Just stress relief. 

Thanks, y’all. Seriously. Thanks.

In other news, I met a nerdfighter in my Literary Analysis class yesterday. Typical.

*pretends like it was no big deal even though she freaked out and it was the highlight of her day.*


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